week: so far, so good

family matters are getting better and I’m extremely happy now (: ooh so last saturday, I went out for shopping!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping okay? It’s a nice feeling treating yourself ( except the money part of course). But I got a really pretty brown leather belt in OG and really really cute socks, shoes and patterned leggings at uniqlo! <emYIPEEEEE \O/ and PINK SHORTS! and all of them were on sale! also, I’m sort of tuition hopping bc my parents want me to go and I sort of-ish want to go for an ivy league university (I’m aiming high even after being a lazy potato hahahah) so yeah :((( I hate tuition- generally, I dislike the feeling of not being able to do things myself and sometimes, you have to ask for help? I have to admit, that I probably have this balloon size of stubbornness ( is that even a word idk) but yeah, just really don’t like asking for help when I do have the capability of doing it on my own. That sucks. In addition, my dad wants me to be a very nice + obedient kid and do math and science EVERY DAY. And I’m crying now after looking at the mountain of worksheets/ books on my table to be completed by the end of the holidays. 

Btw this is a very very cool song; go check it out! 


hehe things that make me happy :))) 

photos maybe later ( from the shopping ) 

and I got myself a chocolate cake from Mccafe!!!! :)))) yayerzz 

so on sunday, my dad felt really bad that he was torturing me with math and science during the holidays even though I studied pretty hard ( for me) so he bought me a new phone. Also, because my iphone 4 was becoming an old grandmother and it was getting really really really sloooowwwwww. but look, hahaha ( I hate showing my face on photos ) but yup, 

out goes the old, in comes the new 


I’m grounded so I can’t go anywhere ( including any sort of inofficial school stuff ) which was sad because I really wanted to help with the Waddle banner. 😦 but, to cheer myself up, my sister and I made nutella cake in a mug! It was a really easy recipe and after eating the cake, I was so full I couldn’t eat dinner. And my mother came back from work with mini oranges!!! It was so cute I felt so bad for eating them but heheh, it was cute and good and ripe and juicy. 

OOOH CHRISTMAS IS COMING and my aunt already had her christmas tree up! hehe and it was pretty 🙂 here’s a picture! 


my family isn’t really into the tradition of christmas I guess, we sort of give each other stuff all the time so it’s the tradition that matters and not actually celebrating it right? Nevertheless, we are most probably going to put up a christmas tree next week! 🙂 

My sister has an annoying bunch of friends and they came over twice and I really detested their presence. Pshhh pics later bc i’m a lazy potato.













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